Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mario Puzo's - The GodFather III

Before he became a big star, Johnny Fontane was a singer with a popular dance band. The band leader had signed Johnny on a highly unfair five-year contract and had to be persuaded by Don Corleone himself to release him. Who was the band leader?

Les Halley

Before meeting up with Jack Woltz, Tom Hagen gets in touch with the most powerful man in the movie labor unions to arrange a Labor Strike if the meeting did not go well. Who was this person?

Billy Goff

What were the names of the two guys who sexually molested Amerigo Bonasera's daughter, and left her badly hurt in the process?

Jerry Wagner and Kevin Moonan

Which character in the novel was wounded in Africa while fighting in the war and had been discharged in 1943?

Rocco Lampone

What was the name of the hospital in which Don Corleone was recovering from his shooting?

The French Hospital

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