Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mario Puzo's - The GodFather

Which character in the novel had four sons, all of whom went to Fordham University?

Captain Mark McCluskey

What was the name of the Italian restaurant in the Bronx where Michael Corleone kills Virgil Solozzo and Captain McCluskey?

Luna Azure

The press agent or public relations counsel for Woltz International Film Corporation threw a party every Friday night for major movie stars and young upcoming actors and actresses. What was his name?

Roy McElroy

Which character in the novel kills a man named Wax Baines, a notorious pimp, dope pusher and strong-arm artist, by striking him on his skull using his flashlight?

Albert Neri

What make of car did Michael Corleone use when he was hiding out in Palermo, and in which his wife Apollonia met her death?

Alfa Romeo

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