Sunday, July 11, 2010

Heroes : The TV Series -- Part I

Infosys conducts a company wide quiz along the format of the BBC Mastermind every year. I hosted the quiz for the second time in 2009 and these are some of the questions from the specialization topics chosen.

For the questions from other specialization topics click here

Heroes: The TV Series

1. Which American Comic Book Writer and former Chairman of Marvel Comics makes a cameo appearance as the driver of the Bus that Hiro Nakamura gets into?

a. Stan Lee 

2. What is the name of the diner in which Monica Dawson performs a 619 to stop a burglary after having seen Ray Mysterio do it on TV?

a. Burger Bonanza

3. The name of which order in Greek and Roman Architecture is printed on Lieberman's apron , when he explains about .07% rule to Nathan Petrelli?

a. Corinthian

4. Once the people at NBC had greenlit the project , in which city was the first 73-minute version of the pilot screened?

a. San Diego

5. Which colorblind artist created the metafictional comic Book series 9th Wonder and Isaac Mendez's paintings in the series?

a. Tim Sale

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