Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Oscars - Part II

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The Oscars

1. Which Oscar Winner characterized the academy awards as "the greatest promotion scheme that any industry ever devised for itself"

a. William Friedkin

2. In which year did Regis Philbin officially begin the red carpet pre-show to the Oscars?

a. 1979

3. Which film holds the record for the longest film to be nominated as well as win the Academy award for Best Picture?

a. Gone with the Wind

4. Which French novelist was awarded the 1957 Best Writing Adapted Screenplay as the film's actual writers -- Carl Foreman and Michael Wilson were blacklisted as Communist sympathizers?

a. Pierre Boulle

5. Who became the first African to win an Academy award in the major acting category for the portrayal of a serial killer -- Aileen Woumos in a 2003 Biographical crime thriller?

a. Charlize Theron

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