Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heroes : The TV Series -- Part II

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Heroes: The TV Series

1. Which appliance market Competitor of NBC's parent GE filed a suit in federal court over the depiction of one of  its product 'InSinkerator' in the Pilot episode?

a. Emerson Electric Company

2. What was the name of Founder of the Company , also known by the Japanese word for Swordsmith ?

a. Adam Monroe ( or Takezo Kensei)

3. What is the significance of the license plate of Nakamura's limousine -- NCC -1701?

a. It is the registry number of USS Enterprise, in which George Takei had the role of helmsman.

4. In which year did the Heroes TV series win the BAFTA awards for the Best International Program?

a. 2008

5. Who is attributed with the theme Music of Heroes in the French version of the serial?

a. Victoria Petrosillo

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