Friday, July 23, 2010

The Indian Navy - Part II

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The Indian Navy

1. What is the class of Destroyers in the Indian Navy built based on modified versions of the Soviet Kashin Class Destoryers and the first to be fitted with the Brahmos supersonic Cruise Missiles?

a. The Rajput Class

2. Which Type 14 ASW Frigate became India's biggest wartime casualty when it was sunk by PNS Hangor during the 1971 Indo Pakistan War?

a. INS Khukri

3. What was the name of the operation launched by the Indian Navy during the Kargil war to safeguard Indian maritime assets from a Pakistani Naval Attack?

a. Operation Talwar

4. Which Elite unit of the Indian Navy is locally known as the Dadiwali Fauj since they are the only unit of the Indian Armed Forces that permits non-Sikh recruits to maintain beards.

a. MARCOS ( Marine Commandos)

5. In 1830 , what was the Bombay Marine , a predecessor to the Indian Navy , renamed as ?

a. Her Majesty's Indian Navy

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