Tuesday, July 13, 2010

World War II - Part I

Infosys conducts a company wide quiz along the format of the BBC Mastermind every year. I hosted the quiz for the second time in 2009 and these are some of the questions from the specialization topics chosen.

For the questions from other specialization topics click here.

World War II

1. Which German Offensive in December 1944 got its public name due to the fact that the initial incursion that the Germans put into the Allies line of advance created a salient when seen on the maps presented in contemporary newspapers?

a. The Battle of Bulge 

2. At a special session of the United States Congress on 21 September 1939, US President Franklin D Roosevelt  requested the policy of Cash and Carry to replace which set of Acts that were passed in 1936 thereby effectively allowing US to sell Arms to Britain?

a. The Neutrality Acts of 1936 

3. Codenamed Eureka , in which city did Joseph Stalin , Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill meet to discuss about the opening of a second front in Western Europe?

a. Tehran ( Iran) 

4. Which son of Alfred Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg , the last Oberhofmarschall of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg , was the subject of the movie Valkyrie , which dealt with an assassination attempt on the life of Hitler

a. Claus Von Stauffenberg 

5. During the Nuremberg Trials , a document referred as the Green Folder  , held information about the master policy directive for economic exploitation of the conquered Soviet Union. Who had devised this plan , in the event of the success of Operation Barbarossa?

a. Reichsmarshall Herman Goring 

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