Friday, July 09, 2010

The Oscars - Part I

Infosys conducts a company wide quiz along the format of the BBC Mastermind every year. I hosted the quiz for the second time in 2009 and these are some of the questions from the specialization topics chosen.

For the questions from other specialization topics click here.

The Oscars part I

1. For which movie did Barry Fitzgerald become the first actor to be nominated for the same performance in two different Categories in 1944?

a. Going My Way

2. In 1929 , who became the first actress to be nominated posthumously for Best Actress for her Role in the movie - The Letter?

a. Jeanne Eagels

3. In 2004 , who became the first actress to win an Oscar for portraying a real-Life Oscar winner?

a. Cate Blanchett Portrayed Katherine Hepburn in Aviator

4. Which Foundry located in Batavia, Illinois , provided the mold for the Original Oscar Statuette in 1928?

a. C.W.Shumway & Sons.

5. Which actor hosted the first Academy awards at Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood along with director William C deMille?

a. Douglas Fairbanks

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