Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Indian Freedom Movement (1857- 1947) -- Part I

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The Indian Freedom Movement (1857 - 1947)

1. From which war in Russia  was a part of the British regiments moved in order to squash the Indian Rebellion of 1857?

a. Crimean War

2. Born as Manikarnika to a Maharashtrian Karhade Brahmin, which leader died on 18th June 1858 during the battle of Gwalior?

a. Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi

3. Inspired by a suggestion made by Allan Octavian Hume , how many member delegate met in Mumbai in 1865 to form the Indian National Congress?

a. 73

4. Published by the Hindustan Ghadar press in the Ghadar weekly from San Francisco in 1913-14, the literature consists of a collection of songs and poems in Gurumukhi and Shahmukhi and covered addressed the political situation in India. Which compilation of Nationalist and Socialist literature was banned in India in 1913?

a. Ghadar di Ghunj

5. Which King's college educated lawyer and judge , passed an eponymous act in 1919 to effectively
authorize the government to imprison , without trial , any person suspected of terrorism in British India?

a. Sir Sidney Arthur Taylor Rowlatt.

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